About Us

I-Deal Docs Pty Ltd ABN 70 098 243 808 is a Brisbane-based software development company specialising in extensions and add-ons for Microsoft Word and Outlook. Our main focus is the ongoing development of our document automation software.

Our document automation software is installed in many organisations across Australia. The majority of our clients are law firms. The software is not specific to law firms, but due to the document-centric nature of their operation they are a natural fit. Helping our clients with the implementation of document automation means we are also involved with:

  • development of Word global templates and add-ins
  • customisation of the Word and Outlook ribbons
  • precedent set development
  • database interfacing. For example, the setup of automated insertion of data into templates from an in-house database
  • general consulting for the setup of Word in a network environment.

The key staff of I-Deal Docs have been involved in the development of commercial software since 1983, and specifically with Microsoft Word since 1992.