Key Benefits

The key benefits of using I-Deal Docs to automate documents are:

  • there is no costly macro programming involved
  • the documents and templates are fully setup by word processing staff without the involvement of specialist programming staff
  • documents can be assembled in literally a fraction of the time it takes if you are currently using search-and-replace or cloning one you did earlier. This leads to significant direct cost savings. It also means less risk because you are not copying from something that may be out of date now
  • no more manual editing or removing of text that doesn’t apply to a particular matter. Based upon the answers entered, I-Deal Docs can include or discard document content. Once again, less risk and a much higher degree of accuracy
  • no more needing to know how to enter something such as what format to use for a date. Just set it up so that no matter how you enter it, it always gets inserted in a particular way
  • gender references and pluralisations can change automatically based upon the answers. No more missed manual changes!
  • the answers entered in one document can be used in other follow-on documents with no re-keying. This significantly increases productivity and reduces errors
  • professional staff can now do their own documents. They don’t need to know how to drive Word, they just follow the interview questions
  • new colleagues can access the documented intellectual knowledge of experienced staff via detailed instructional text about specific interview questions
  • author notes and word-processing instructions can be embedded in documents and I-Deal Docs will automatically remove them – either when the document is generated or when you activate a clean-up-document function
  • the documents presented to you when the generation is completed are normal Word documents. You then use standard Word functions such as Save and Print
  • it can automate the generation of an answer sheet. This allows authors to do a quick initial verification of the data entry without reading the whole document. This data dump could also be stored with the physical paperwork
  • it can automate the generation of a dictation sheet. Authors no longer need to open and scan a document to know what to dictate
  • frequently used text, graphics, Tables, etc can be stored in a centralised clause library and accessed very quickly – so no more cut and paste for these items. Clauses can be inserted into any document or email, not just automated ones. The clause library is much more powerful than Office’s AutoText facility
  • frequently used addresses (e.g. Courts, barristers, real estate agents) can be stored in a centralised common address register and accessed very quickly
  • all functions are accessed from within Word and Outlook, via an I-Deal Docs ribbon.