I-Deal Docs includes a number of standalone components that are useful for specific situations.

Ribbon Builder Ribbon Builder to modify the Word and Outlook ribbons, including the creation of additional tabs and the creation of new groups on built-in tabs.

Cross-referencing Cross-referencing to insert new cross-references, to check existing ones, and to scan for hard-typed text that fits pattern of a cross-reference

 Rename Comments and Revisions Author to change the name attached to comments and to revisions.

Issues Check Issues Check to check the content of a document for issues such as broken cross-reference fields or the presence of proprietary content.

Compare Styles Compare Styles to compare all settings of all Styles in the current document with those in another document of your choosing.

Exhibits Helper Exhibits Helper to simplify working with the uniquely numbered or lettered exhibit marks in court submissions and affidavits, etc.

Plain English Plain English to check the content of a document against a list of words, phrases, and formatting that have been defined as things to be avoided.

To-Do Markers To-Do Markers to flag an area or issue in a document that you cannot resolve immediately, such as the need to confirm some wording with a higher authority

Background Generation Background Generation environment to allow long-running tasks such as the assembly of large complex documents to be done on dedicated backroom computers.