Employee Profiles

The Employee Profile functions of I-Deal Docs allow recording of information such as full name, first name, middle name, surname, initials, gender, phone, mobile, email address, and signing title for each employee of your organisation. During document assembly, these details can be merged into your documents simply by selecting an employee from a list. For example, you could prompt for a Work Author or Partner Responsible and have details specific to the selected employee inserted at relevant locations in a document.

In addition to the list of built-in attributes that I-Deal Docs can record for each employee, you can also define and merge employee information specific to your organisation. For example, I-Deal Docs does not currently allow recording of an employee’s marital status. If marital status is important to your document automation though, you can easily add this to the list of attributes held for each employee – the employee profile maintenance window within I-Deal Docs will automatically expand to allow entry of data into your customised columns.